Cirque du Soleil became famous more than 3 decades ago when it was the first circus company without animals. What began as a small circus has now become the most reputed and world-famous circus companies.

Cirque du Soleil started under the simplest conditions and developed enormously. Cirque du Soleil tours various shows through the largest arenas in the world and in the largest Big Tops. Cirque de Soleil presents him self in Las Vegas with the most spectacular and lavish shows ever seen.

Now they decided to take another bold step, in the time when everything is getting bigger and more oversized, swimming against the Trent, which is also a piece of DNA from Cirque du Soleil. With the new show which tours again in a smaller tent and a smaller team and set again standards to reach new markets.

Again a part of Circus 1903, this time in London


Florian Blümmel is currently touring with the newest show production "BAZZAR" of the world-famous CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, more about this extraordinary show can be found under the following link including the pre-order—>


Florian Blümmel had the pleasure and honor to perform his act during the
<<Circus 1903>> press conference at Madison Square Garden in New York.
(Photo Credit: Taylor Wilder/MSG Photos)