Florian Blümmel is a professional high class artist from Germany,

who can offer different actsto choose from.

His background is in professional sports. He is a multiple German

and European Champion and also multiple Vice World Champion

in artistic cycling.

Florian is very flexible and can adjust his acts (by changing the

costumes, music, length, performance, ... etc.) to your or your

clients needs. He can perform his acts in a classic, romantic and

poetic style, but also in a modern style ... what ever is needed,

Florian can offer the perfect act. No matter if it is a small or a big


His acts are suitable for theatres, variety shows, touring shows,

shows aboard cruise ships, theme parks, circus, show productions, national and international galas, events, trade shows, conventions, corporate events, TV, festivals, Hotel Resorts, casinos, ... etc.

Is it a dream? ... Is it poetry? ... It's pure magic! 

With his act, Florian presents a fabulous dreamy and magical love

story between a man and his bicycle. He takes his audience on an

emotional, poetic, magical bike ride. 

His bike seems to come to life and to drive all by itself. He seems

to merge with his bike. While the bike seemingly by itself is running 

its rounds, the Artist presents a stunning acrobatic performance at

its best.

With ease he moves backwards and forwards standing on the

handlebars, showing handstands, he suddenly pops onto one

wheel and uses his bike in ways that boggle the imagination and

he accomplishes many more amazing tricks on his bicycle.


(To get an impression of this act, please have a look at the video in the video section.)

Florian Blümmel offers his acts also in a contemporary modern style. Also streetstyle performances in modern street clothes are possible. »NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE« - Florian can adjust his acts to any required shows, themes and styles.

Please get in contact with us for more information.

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